Don’t Let A DWI Ruin Your Future

Last updated on September 25, 2023

No one sets out to drive drunk. But just one miscalculation can lead to flashing lights, handcuffs and a breathalyzer. Now you face license suspension, fines and possibly jail time, plus a criminal record and higher insurance rates.

At Bennett & Gulley, P.A., we try to prevent a DWI arrest from having a domino effect on your life. Our defense lawyers are former prosecutors who know how to challenge the charges and spare you from the worst consequences.

We represent people of all walks of life in the Twin Counties, from college students and soccer moms to business owners and retirees. Whether this is your first run-in with the law or you have previous DWI convictions, stop by our Rocky Mount law office for a free initial consultation.

Yes, We Have Handled A Case Like Yours

With nearly 50 years of combined experience, our attorneys are comfortable handling every DWI scenario:

  • First-time DWI
  • Repeat offenses
  • Underage drinking and driving (under 21)
  • Truck drivers at risk of losing their CDL
  • Drunk driving crashes that injured others
  • Refusing the breathalyzer test
  • High BAC (blood alcohol concentration of .15 or higher)
  • Driving on a license suspended for DWI
  • DWI with a minor child in the vehicle
  • Driving under the influence of drugs

While we have handled a case similar to yours, our defense is based on the specific facts of your arrest. Bennett & Gulley represents you in both parts of your DWI – the criminal court proceedings and the DMV license hearing.

Drunk Driving Defense By Ex-Prosecutors

Both of our lawyers previously served as assistant district attorneys for Nash, Edgecombe and Wilson counties, the same jurisdictions where we practice criminal defense. We have good relations with the prosecutors and judges, which enables us to obtain dismissals or reduced charges when the facts do not support the charges.

As former prosecutors, we also know how to fight a DWI. We analyze every aspect of your arrest for defense opportunities. Did police have probable cause for the traffic stop? Were the field sobriety tests properly conducted? Was the breathalyzer properly calibrated and administered? Did the arresting officer explain your rights, including North Carolina’s implied consent law? We will vigorously defend you in court if we are not able to achieve a favorable resolution out of court.

A Trusted Local Firm Fighting For You

Bennett & Gulley, P.A., has been serving northeast North Carolina since the 1970s. We have helped many clients avoid a DWI conviction or limit the impact. We will do our best to get a favorable outcome for you.

We are available for free consultations without an appointment from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. Outside of those hours, call 252-977-1911 or contact us online to schedule time with one of our attorneys.